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All Supplementary or course Regulations should be read in the context of the relevant University Study Regulations, Qualifications Framework and policies in the Quality Manual. Please refer to this information for the relevant academic session on and These supplementary regulations apply to the current session only; they are not an authoritative statement of the modules that will be available, or which students will be required to take, in future years.

The University Regulations and Framework outline the definitions of terms, overall credit and levels of modules to be taken for approved courses of study to achieve specific awards and the assessment, progression and degree award requirements at a University level. The Supplementary Regulations may then specify additional requirements for an individual course. Students participating in an exchange scheme may replace certain modules specified in the Supplementary Regulations with different but comparable study units delivered by the partner institution.

Students will be informed (either electronically, in writing, or via notice boards) of changes to programme specifications which have a direct effect on their studies i.e. will be introduced while the student is registered on the course and affect stages of the course the student has yet to complete.

Supplementary Regulations

Taught Course Supplementary Regulations for individual courses can be found by searching for the specific course below for the desired academic session.